This is my view every evening when gathering buckets of water.

The colours in the sky never cease to amaze me. They are beautiful, the gradients far surpass our manmade efforts.

Waiting for the bucket to fill, I’d often let it overflow distracted by the view.

Sometimes it is in the simplest things in life that you can find the most pleasure.

It can be so easy to get stuck in expectations. See nothing but result. See things only within their economic or productive value.

I often fall into this trap.

Yet, what is art without the process, the playfulness, the creativity and journey?

It’s good to remind myself of this from time to time. It’s not worth losing what you love to result or expectation. And with only result, there is no possibility for happy accidents.

Keep creating. ♥️

“Welcome, Welcome”, Simon said.

Pip and Peter are welcomed into the garden… But what will happen next?

This is a little sample from my children’s picturebook, ‘Where are the Trees?’. ??

Just a little Halloween illustration in progress… ??

It’s nice to show a little of the process but please watch this space for the finished piece! ??

Really getting the autumn vibes now, time to light a fire and get cosy! ??☕

Just getting some autumn inspiration today and doing a little colour study. ??️

I love this time of year. Beautiful colours are slowly starting to appear in hedges and I’m cosy, sitting at my drawing table watching the rain. ??️☕??

The change of season always offers new ideas and inspiration. ?

?Getting that Autumn feeling ?

Back inside painting… Work started on a nature inspired calender.

Slowly seeing the fruits from the summer flowers appear, food for the birds as the weather starts getting colder. ?❄️

I’m growing closer to my surroundings each day. Seeing things in nature I never noticed before. ????

Is anyone else becoming more home focused since the beginning of the epidemic? ?

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