Yesterday I was busy experimenting with some homemade cosmetic recipes. And jarring some of my raw honey of course.

I love the process of making something from scratch and knowing what goes into it. Even better when you have some of your own ingredients! So thankful to my busy bees for all the wonderful honey and wax! ??

Is there anything you make from scratch? Or a process you enjoy? I’d love to hear it!

If only we had pumpkins this big to carve… ?

The possibilities are endless… A little house ? ? or maybe a pumpkin carriage! ?

What would you make out of it? I’d love to hear ?

Just to get in the mood for Halloween. ???

Just a little Halloween illustration in progress… ??

It’s nice to show a little of the process but please watch this space for the finished piece! ??

Really getting the autumn vibes now, time to light a fire and get cosy! ??☕

The neighbours’ little girl was showing off her halloween costume today… (At a distance of course). Her beautiful red hair makes her look right at home in the autumn forest. 

It’s not easy for the little ones in these times. She won’t be trick or treating this year to stay safe from Covid.

But maybe we will have to invent a new Halloween tradition! Perhaps a good witch who leaves little packages of sweets in the doorways for the children before she disappears into the night.

Let’s start a reverse trick or treat treat tradition. #reversetrickortreat


Had a surprise discovery on my walk earlier today! What beauties… One even had a little hole almost like a doorway… ??‍♀️?‍♂️

I wonder if it could be a fairy house… My late neighbour used to tell me about seeing the ‘little people’, around here… I wonder what they look like…

My little dog Gyp is guarding them because she won’t share any secrets. ??

Just getting some autumn inspiration today and doing a little colour study. ??️

I love this time of year. Beautiful colours are slowly starting to appear in hedges and I’m cosy, sitting at my drawing table watching the rain. ??️☕??

The change of season always offers new ideas and inspiration. ?

Out for an autumn harvest!

Such a beautiful October day. ☀️

Plenty of sloe berries, hawthorn berries, rosehips and blackberries to be collected.

Lots of natural vitamin C.

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?Getting that Autumn feeling ?

Back inside painting… Work started on a nature inspired calender.

Slowly seeing the fruits from the summer flowers appear, food for the birds as the weather starts getting colder. ?❄️

I’m growing closer to my surroundings each day. Seeing things in nature I never noticed before. ????

Is anyone else becoming more home focused since the beginning of the epidemic? ?

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