Pamalotte Studios’ Story

Pamalotte Studios is Lotte Bender’s art, illustration, design and typesetting studio based on the border between County Cork and County Limerick in Ireland.

The studio finds itself on a picturesque Cork hillside, where the love for art and illustration is woven in with everyday countryside life.

A lot of Lotte’s inspiration is drawn from her experience of living in the countryside, with nature and animals often taking centre stage.

Lotte has completed her first children’s picture book, with an environmental theme, titled Where are the Trees?, which follows two Turkeys, Pip and Peter on their Journey to find a tree. She is currently working on a new picture book which promises to be inhabited by a gang of donkeys!

Favouring a more traditional approach, much of Lotte’s painting and illustration work is in watercolour or oil painting.

Lotte has also worked in the area of book typesetting & cover design for well over 5 years and has extensive experience in the area of logos, business cards, pop-ups, flyers, posters, promotion materials, website graphics, promotional illustration etc.

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“I asked Lotte to help me with a logo for my A Better Workday programme. The programme was still in its infancy so I struggled to explain what I wanted from the logo. All I gave Lotte was a fairly vague description and my favourite colours. Somewhere along the conversation I shared why I was so passionate about A Better Workday. She heard me better than I heard myself. The logo she created said everything I hadn’t yet found the words for. Lotte has a fantastic skill not just for design but for really hearing what her clients need. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough…”

Niamh Brady