Today I felt like doing a watercolour sketch. No reference. No plan. Just a blank sheet and a paint brush. ?️?

What came out was an impressionistic kind of lavender. My version of lavender I guess. Not too true to life but we don’t always need that. ?

Going to have a cosy evening in the atmosphere of this image now. Lavender scent is already burning. ?️

Just getting some autumn inspiration today and doing a little colour study. ??️

I love this time of year. Beautiful colours are slowly starting to appear in hedges and I’m cosy, sitting at my drawing table watching the rain. ??️☕??

The change of season always offers new ideas and inspiration. ?

?Getting that Autumn feeling ?

Back inside painting… Work started on a nature inspired calender.

Slowly seeing the fruits from the summer flowers appear, food for the birds as the weather starts getting colder. ?❄️

I’m growing closer to my surroundings each day. Seeing things in nature I never noticed before. ????

Is anyone else becoming more home focused since the beginning of the epidemic? ?

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